Monday, October 20, 2014

Journal October 20th

So it has been a interesting week slow at work not much going on. I am so happy I got a new phone had an amazing birthday and an even more amazing girlfriend. We went to fun spot for the first time and had a wonderful time. We went on rides and played games and I got to eat funnel cake for the first time which was awesome. It was the best birthday ever and now I have a new phone and its awesome.

How has your owner encouraged you to grow as a person?..... As a submissive?

My Mistress has taught me allot about my submission and about myself. She me make rules for me to learn better and to be better as a sub and a person.

As a submissive I am doing my best to be a good submissive sometimes I forget sometimes about certain rules. I do try to please my Mistress the best way I can and hope that she is happy with me in the end. As a submissive I enjoy pleasing my Miss every day and night and I am very happy she has chosen me to be hers.

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